Fashion: Cleggy in a onesie, it's serious


Clearly feeling that masochism is the best way to tackle the Liberal Democrats' low standing in the opinion polls and the esteem of many of their voters, Nick Clegg took to London radio station LBC today to take listeners' calls. And he'll be doing so every Thursday morning to try to boost his party's popularity. Good luck with that.

Besides the ire flung his way by callers, Clegg was asked whether he'd ever worn a onesie – the all-in-one babygro that's proved so inexplicably popular over the past two years that The Sun illustrated a story about the onesies' huge Christmas sales figures by making its business editor, Steve Hawkes, wear one in its Wednesday edition.

Sadly for picture editors and Labour strategists, the Deputy Prime Minister has, sadly, left his green Incredible Hulk onesie – a gift from students in Sheffield – in his cupboard. Although, like recipients of ironic Christmas slankets everywhere, it's surely only a cold snap or two away from keeping Clegg cosy in his kitchen.