Tanya's latest video has gained a huge 5.8 million views on Facebook Image:

Finally, a beauty video we can all get on board with

While most of us are fascinated by glossy make-up tutorials, they’re pretty unrelatable, especially when it comes to so-called ‘every day’ looks that require a super-high coverage base, five different eyeshadows, bronzer, concealer and several coats of mascara.

But luckily, one woman gets it.

Finally, someone has made a genuinely realistic make-up tutorial we can all get on board with.

31-year-old comedian and radio host Tanya Hennessy is, in her own words “boringly normal” but it’s exactly that sense of familiarity that has helped her video ‘Realistic Makeup Tutorial’ gain a huge 5.8 million views on Facebook.

Shot and edited on an iPhone, the video shows Hennessy with her hair tied in a messy ponytail as she openly confesses that she has very little clue on what she’s doing.

“I use this MAC primer that a lady sold me against my will. She was really attractive and I was threatened by her so I was like, I’ll just buy it because I’m intimidated by you,” she jokes in the video.

Other honest admissions include using a brush that she’s had since 2002 and never washed, applying a six-year-old mascara and having no idea how to contour, but giving it a go anyway.

“I then move onto contouring. I don’t really know how to do that, so I just give it a go. 

“And then I do underneath here to give the illusion that I have one chin.”

Thousands of fans have unleashed praise in the comments saying, “This is totally hilarious because it is SO true!

“This made me so happy and crack up. Thank you for being 'real' like the 'other' half of us!!!“

Just one of Hennessy’s many true-to-life videos, others include “Things people say to hairdressers” which has gained an impressive 12 millions views and “Things people say to makeup artists” at 6.2 million views.