The size 22 model is never one to shy away from breaking boundaries

The plus-size model continues to tackle conventional beauty standards

Tess Holliday, the plus-size model and body positivity campaigner, has appeared naked in a photoshoot in a bid to tackle beauty standards.

Shot as part of photographer Scott Nathan’s provocative video series “Confessional”, the 31-year-old model poses in the nude and make-up free.

Holliday is one of 100 women and girls, all aged between 11 and 86, that appear in the project. Before the shoot, Holliday was given simple instructions to listen to music and stare down the centre of the lens.

Sharing a preview of the video on her Instagram, she said, “'Honored to have been a part of @scottnathaneditions 100 women series. 

A statement on Nathan's Instagram explained that the series aims to "destroy the power of objectification through the triumph of empathy” and fight back against the stereotypical view of "idealised images of beauty."

It continued: "With a closed set and one camera, Scott wanted to create as bare and private an environment as possible and see what would happen if he just simply filmed his subjects. How long would it take for their true selves to emerge?”

In a short trailer for the video, a diverse range of women are shown as they voice their thoughts on the process.

"When someone is being completely vulnerable with you, it's an amazing moment, because I don't think it happens very much," one woman explain.

Another simply said: “The experience was so intense.”

Never one to shy away from breaking boundaries, the photoshoot comes after Holliday recently emerged as the star of ModCloth’s new swimwear line posing confidently in a selection of one-piece swimsuits.