In view of renewed concern about the effects of Sellafield on the nation's long-term health, John Darwell's photographic exhibition at Salford's Viewpoint Gallery is a timely reminder of the enduring legacy of the Nuclear Age. For First and Last (right), he visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1995 to capture the rituals that take place on the anniversary of the atomic bomb drops in 1945. Meanwhile, at Carlisle's Mill Gallery, By Association presents Darwell's landscape photogaphs made at major nuclear testing and production sites around the world, including the desert sites where the Japanese nuclear bombs were tested, and the Chernobyl reactor, post meltdown.

Viewpoint Gallery, Salford (0161-737 1040) to 14 Sept; Mill Gallery, Carlisle (01228 515641) to 20 Sept