MasterChef is 2010's top rising food-related search query

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MasterChef, Japanese online dining community Table Log and "cupcakes" were Google's top three "rising" search terms in 2010.


Google has released its annual end-of-the year search indicator, "Zeitgeist," which is based on the aggregation of billions of terms typed into its search engine in 2010. The top "rising" searches are divided by category.

MasterChef, the BBC-produced television series originally broadcast in the UK, has attracted major global attention in 2010, especially in Australia, where its 2 nd season's finale episode was the most-watched non-sporting TV program ever. The show has spawned a number of spinoffs (four in the UK, including "JuniorChef" for kids). International versions include Australia (launched in 2009, entered its second season in 2010), the U.S. (2010, co-hosted and produced by Gordon Ramsay), India (2010) and New Zealand (2010). There are local adaptations in at least 10 other countries, many which debuted in 2010.

Table Log is virtually unknown outside of Japan, but is the local equivalent of Yelp or TripAdvisor for restaurant reviews and listings. The site also features rankings - its most recent is "Top100 Hamburgers" and before this it featured "Top 100 Yakitori (grilled chicken) Restaurants."

Cupcakes need no introduction. As CNN rightly put it in March, "Cupcakes - more passion than trend."

Fastest rising searches in food and drink:

  1. MasterChef
  2. ???? (Japanese restaurant review Web site
  3. Cupcakes
  4. Jimmy Johns (American gourmet sandwich franchise)
  5. ??? ????? ???? (Russian text meaning "how to eat sushi")
  6. Domino's pizza menu
  7. Tudo gostoso receitas (, a Brazilian recipe site
  8. Guacamole recipe
  9. Applebee's menu (American chain restaurant)
  10. Rachel Ray (American celebrity chef and TV personality)