British Breakfast Awards 2015: London restaurant wins prize for inventive take on the Full English

And you can even eat the bowl

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A brioche stuffed with a Full English has beaten other creative breakfasts to triumph at this year’s Best Breakfast Awards.

London restaurant Bunnychow won the Most Innovative Breakfast award with the £4 Full English Breakfast Bunny, which consists of bacon, tomatoes, sausage, mushrooms, spicy beans and black pudding made to a special in-house recipe, and a fried egg.

The Full English Bunny - an individually baked brioche loaf hollowed out and filled with sausage, lean bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, spicy baked beans, black pudding and an egg

Diners can even eat the bowl, which is made from hollowed-out brioche baked fresh each day by The London Bakery Company.

The Breakfast Awards are part of a campaign which runs until 31 January, organised on behalf of British cereal farmers and producers to celebrate the importance of breakfast.

Television chef Phil Vickery presents the 2015 Best Breakfast Award for the UK's Most Innovative Breakfast to Atholl Milton CEO of Bunnychow, for the Full English Bunny

The award for most innovative breakfast was handed to Bunnychow CEO Atholl Milton by TV chef Phil Vickery.

Prospective Bunnychow diners can take advantage of the National Breakfast Week 2-for-1 offer until January 31, so hop to it.