ChocoChicken is made from a secret blend of chocolates / ChocoChicken

Served with a side of white chocolate mashed potatoes

In its ongoing mission to combine all foodstuffs until we just eat homogenous goo that tastes like everything, the United States of America has come up with chocolate fried chicken.

ChocoChicken opened its first restaurant in Los Angeles week, not just frying the meat in chocolate oil like you might expect but slathering it in cooking chocolate made from bittersweet cocoa and frying it until it’s a deep brown.

"Sure, it sounds super goofy," said co-founder Adam Fleischman. "But it doesn't taste goofy. It tastes amazing."

Chocolate is often incorporated into savoury cuisine of course, being used to make pasta sauces richer, but ChocoChicken is not going subtle, serving its chicken with chocolate ketchup and offering sides including white chocolate mashed potatoes and duck fat fries with chocolate seasoning.

There is also 'Electric Chocolate S'mores' for dessert if you really want to hate yourself.

Chocolate fried chicken is only the latest in a long list of disparate foods to be spliced together in the kitchen, following the US's now firmly entrenched 'cronut' and new kid on the block the 'ramenrito'.

ChocoChicken has plans to expand, with a new restaurant set to open in Santa Monica later this year, with one customer writing on its Facebook page: "Best chicken wings outside of Buffalo."