Sugar Puffs (pictured before its name change)


The breakfast cereal Sugar Puffs is dropping any reference to “sugar” from its name in order to present a healthier image.

Following a roll-out this month, Sugar Puffs will be known as “Honey Monster Puffs”, after the longstanding character used to advertise the product, the Honey Monster.

Although the cereal’s recipe will be changed along with its name, sugar is still a major component, with content falling by less than 1g from 9.3g to 8.6g per portion.

The recipe will also include 20 per cent more honey, according to Halo foods, which owns the rights to the brand.

The re-brand follows a 16 per cent slump in sales of the cereal, which marketers believe is because of an increasing awareness about the health issues surrounding high sugar consumption.

Andy Valentine, the marketing director of Halo Foods, told industry magazine The Grocer that the product re-launch would “help grow our share” of the cereal market.

The Honey Monster character was introduced in 1976 to help advertise the breakfast cereal formerly known as Sugar Puffs.

He is well known for his catchphrase: “‘It’s all about the honey, Mummy.’

The character is expect to feature heavily in a £3m marketing campaign to launch early next year, with ambitious sales targets set by the brand’s owners.