Run out of 'drunk' words? Here's 193 historical synonyms including 'plotzed' and 'schnockered'

The thesaurus lists synonyms for 'drunk' as far back as those used in Old English

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Swizzled, fuddled and boozed are familiar ways to refer to having one (or four) too many drinks – but there are actually nearly 200 historical words for 'drunk' that are just as satisfying to say.

You would be safe to bet on a round at the pub that 'wasted' (1968), 'worse for wear' (1966) and 'pissed' (1929) are included in the run-down of 193 synonyms on an online Historical Thesaurus list set up by the University of Glasgow.

Luckily, if you have run out of original ways to refer to having downed too much ale or plonk, then look towards 'plotzed' (1962) and the US slang word 'schnockered' (1955), as you may agree that they describe inebriation perfectly.


Our favourites in the Independent office include 'symbelwlonc' – one of the earliest recorded words for 'drunk' in Old English – as well as 'splifficated' (1906), 'whiffled' (1927), 'pot-shotten' (1629), 'fox-drunk' (1592) and 'in one's cups' (1611).


Bog-standard ones, such as 'rat-arsed' (1984) and 'crocked' (1927) also grace the list of alternatives that can be used to describe the state of not coming across as erudite and sophisticated as one could feel, after having knocked too many back.