In honor of International Waffle Day, March 25, here are some simple waffle recipes to try for every course including the dish of honor with sweet sauces, savory dishes and in the form of waffle-wiches.

Waffles are often enhanced with a variety of fruits, spices and chocolate, and the garnishes range from whipped cream to hot maple syrup. Waffles are often enjoyed as an accompaniment to eggs and bacon, ice cream and chicken.

Here are some traditional and exotic recipes and waffle meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert:

Traditional and creative batters
- Belgium waffles from Saveur, a renowned food magazine and site:
- Light fluffy, crispy waffle recipe from Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, by the American home magazine, with vanilla syrup:
- The Ultimate Pumpkin Waffle recipe from the Pumpkin Waffles Blog:
- Wild rice pecan waffles from recipe portal
- Vegan Coconut-Buckwheat Waffles from, a vegan waffle site:
- Ancho chile sourdough brownie waffles from Six Course Dinner (6CD), a recipe blog:

- Curry chicken salad waffle sandwiches from food blog Real Mom Kitchen:
- PBJ Waffle Wich from Yumsugar, a community blog:
- Eight waffle sandwich recipes from Rhiana Jones, 'working wife':
- Five vegan savory waffle recipes that include avocado-pecan, carrot ginger sage oat, orange basil cornmeal, Cheddar cheese, and Mexican beans and cornmeal from

Savory waffle meals
- Shrimp and Littleneck Clams with Wild Rice Waffles from Bobby Flay, celebrity chef:
- Fried Chicken and Wild Rice Waffles with Pink Peppercorn Butter and Maple-Horseradish Syrup, from Bobby Flay, celebrity chef:

Sweet extras
- How to make a waffle bowl by Cold Stone Creamery, a popular ice cream chain restaurant:
- Deep Dark Chocolate Waffle Syrup from
- Warm Peanut Ginger Agave Sauce from
- How to make a Moffle, mochi waffles, on YouTube: