Unfortunately it's an Apple-devices only party, with the company streaming the roughly two-hour event on iPhones, iPads and Mac computers

Apple’s next big unveiling is thought to include new iPads and new iMacs – but where can you watch the news as it happens?

Apart from following along with The Independent’s live blog (naturally) you can watch the event streamed live over Apple devices.

That’s right, unfortunately Windows users will have to wait to get their information from other sources while Apple fans can click here to stream the event live from their iPhone, iPad or Mac computer (make sure your software is up to date of course).

The event will start at 10am US Pacific Time which is 6pm in the UK. It’s likely to go on for around two hours, with Apple also giving the latest (free) version of their desktop OS its big launch alongside new hardware options.

Apple insiders aren’t expecting many surprises, with most of the presentation thought to focus on Apple’s tablet offering, with updates expected for the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

A revamped iMac with a Retina display is also on the cards and we might also get our first glimpse of the next-generation MacBook Air – which is thought to come with a 12-inch Retina display and thinner, fanless design.

However, even if the new Air is teased it certainly won’t be available this year, with mass production expected to begin only in December.