Surprise hit of 2009 Borderlands has a sequel in the works, Borderlands 2, expected 2012 and on show at Gamescom and PAX Prime later this month.

Borderlands 2 is promising new characters, weapons, environments and skills, while improving on enemy intelligence and storyline.

Early artwork shows the same bold, bright style that characterized the original, and publisher Take Two is targeting a "fiscal year 2013" release, a period that starts April 2012.

The game will be on display for visitors to Gamescom (August 17-21, Cologne, Germany) and PAX Prime (August 26-28, Seattle, USA).

Prior to release of the first Borderlands, one prominent industry analyst proclaimed that it had been "sent to die" with a release date perilously close to those of Modern Warfare 2 and Dragon Age: Origins.

In fact, Borderlands managed to stay more or less equal with Dragon Age, totting up sales of around 3 million units by February 2010, and going on to reach 4 million by March 2011.

Modern Warfare 2, of course, trounced that in its first 24 hours.