2010: A year in technology

From the release of the iPhone 4 and iPad to Wikileaks, China, and the war over net neutrality, Jack Riley looks back at a tumultuous year in the tech world.
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As you'd expect from the dizzying pace of technological progress this century, this year has seen yet more of our fantasies about the future become reality; some positive, like the release of the dazzlingly slick iPad and latest iPhone, and others less savoury, like revelations about state-sponsored hacking and arguments over the value of net neutrality.

This is only a brief rundown of all of the major releases and developments in what's been an unarguably busy year for web geeks and gadget-lovers alike. Let us know any stories we've missed in the comments below, and fill us in on your predictions for 2011, which we'll include in a follow-up piece closer to the new year.

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