A Week With: Hippih Hipkey

You may never lose another phone

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Price: £69

Connectivity: Bluetooth Range: 50m

Battery: rechargable with micro USB

What is it?

Have a child? What's your preferred method of keeping tabs in them in the park? Non-stop vigilance, a kiddy leash, a pact of mutual trust? Whatever it is, the little blighters can be hard to keep track of in busy crowds or bustling playgrounds. That's part of the appeal of the Hipkey, a £70 keyring/attachment that toots its alarm if it strays a specified distance (of up to 50m) away from your iPhone. Or vice versa.

How does it work?

The Hipkey attaches to the thing you don't want to lose and syncs via Bluetooth to a free iOS app. Press a button on your phone to make the device beep (to find your keys); or move your phone away from the Hipkey for it to raise an alarm at a wandering iPhone (or child).

Does it work?

Yes, unless you have an iPhone 4 in which case your phone is doomed to be left on the back seat of the bus forever. You'd think it was a smart ploy to convince you to upgrade, were it not for the fact that it only works with 3rd generation iPads – meaning I couldn't use it with my fourth-gen iPad either. Oh well.

Is it worth the money?

If you're prone to leaving your phone on trains, planes and automobiles, it could be £70 well spent if it saves you the cost of a new one. And, if it stops your child going missing, consider it a bargain! Though if you're that prone to losing things, who's to say how long the Hipkey itself will last in your possession?