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Taking a photo of someone every day for a long period of time and then playing the slide show out at speed is not an uncommon internet viral, but surely no one has shown more commitment than the family of 12-year-old Natalie. Her parents have taken a photo of her every day since she was born and the resulting clip is quite astonishing.


PJ Harvey releases her eighth studio album Let England Shake in February but she’s offering a first taste of the record with the stunning new track “Written On The Forehead”. Co-produced by Flood, John Parish, and Mick Harvey, it’s a haunting electronic ballad. Listen to it here:


Gustavo Alonso was convicted of drug trafficking and spent years in prison, the first two of them in solitary confinement. Here, he talks about his life as a drug courier and the increasingly sophisticated Columbian drug-smuggling business which include homemade submarines to get cocaine to Mexico.


Hate spam? Don’t we all. The Kaspersky Laboratories are responsible for producing analyses of it comes from. The latest survey is full of intriguing revelations – including the fact that Russia has become the main source of spam emails for the first time ever. Britain, meanwhile, is the fourth biggest producer.


The latest must have? Cow poo, apparently. With the price of synthetic fertilisers soaring, farmers are looking to manure to help their crops grow. In this piece for The Atlantic, Gene Logsdon, author of Holy Shit: Managing Manure To Save Mankind, explains the culture and economics of excretion.


It’s a tough time to launch a new magazine, so hats off to those who are giving it a go. Like Modern Review and Dazed and Confused, Some Think Blue is attempting to take on the big boys with a magazine covering everything from fashion to the music produced by its in-house record label.


Science Sees Further is the Royal Society’s new web-based journal. With information on the search for extraterrestrial life, the science of ageing, geoengineering and stem cell research, you can while away the cold winter nights blissfully learning about science at the sharp end.

Check it out here: