Digital Digest: 07/02/2011

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If you’ve ever been to LA and taken the bus you will have seen TransitTV, a TV network that plays on the city’s public transport. Up until now the programmes have been game shows and pun-ridden cooking segments. But now a group of artists have been commissioned to create an art short for the network. Check out this video about the project.


While many British libraries are facing closure after tough funding cuts, in Austria the government has embarked on an ambitious plan of investment for its own libraries. It has just commissioned the architect Chris Precht to design an extension to the National Library of Austria, in Vienna, and the building is set to be both dramatic and beautiful.


Fans of the hugely acclaimed Mad Men tend to be extremely vocal in their love for the Sixties-set television drama. Bound to ruffle a few feathers, here is a rare dissenting voice on the show from the New York Review of Books, which calls it a “glib, smug soap opera with weak writing, bland acting, and preposterous plotting”.


For their third single from their debut album, Treats, the Brooklyn-based band Sleigh Bells have released a fabulously dark video for “Rill Rill”. Lead singer Alison Krauss plays a murderous school girl, driving through the desert with her band mate and guitarist, Derek Miller. You can watch it here:


Time Out has put together its annual list of the best restaurants in London. Divided into 13 categories – British, gastropubs, Indian, Oriental, French, Italian, Vegetarian, Modern European, Spanish, best to impress, best service, best for grazing and something different – it promises to prove as controversial as it is useful.


Style blogs are ten-a-penny these days, but Swagger New York is one with a difference. Not only does it feature street snaps of stylish New Yorkers, it also includes a video section and a music page. A one-stop shop for stylish.


The New Yorker has done a fascinating in-depth profile of the Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro, whose films include Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy. He opens up about his successful career and, perhaps most interestingly, his ongoing fascination with fantasy, horror and monsters.