Digital Digest: 07/03/2011

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Van Gogh in pie charts

The Power Point ubiquity of the pie chart might be far from the post-impressionist beauty of Vincent van Gogh, but one art fan has married the two. Arthur Buxton took the most common colours used in 28 of van Gogh's paintings and turned them into percentages and then pie charts. While not quite 'Bowl With Daffodils', they are oddly striking.


Stills crazy

Christian Annyas decided to make a screenshot of the title of every movie he watched as a way of documenting his viewing history. After his computer crashed and he almost lost his collection, he decided to save them online. A website designer by trade, the resulting site is a beautiful celebration of the diversity in a much undervalued art.


The greatest essays

Inspired by the University of Iowa's nonfiction Essay Prize, which is "given each year to the work that best exemplifies the art of essaying – inquiry, experimentation, discovery, and change", Flavorwire has tried to compile a list of the 10 best non-fiction essays of the past 50 years, featuring work by Didion, Gladwell, Sontag and more.


Extreme biking

Watch this video by a rider in the Valparaíso Cerro Abajo, a legendary extreme bike race in the Chilean city of Valparaíso, in which participants must brave jumps, stray animals and flights of stairs along the steep downhill path. The first-person perspective of the helmet camera adds to the drama.


Can naughty be natural?

We have lots of sympathy for those whose everyday cognitive abilities are disturbed. Yet when the ability to control and inhibit, say, our sexual appetites and other Bacchanalian drives is lost, are we so understanding? Slate investigates a tricky philosophical question.


Sheen memes

Charlie Sheen's bad behaviour shows no signs of abating. But before it gets far too sad, why not take the chance to enjoy some of the videos, photo mock-ups and cartoons that have spread like wildfire across the internet since his dubious interview claims of "winning" and having "tiger blood".


Gil and Jamie's million dollar baby

The second single from Jamie xx's Gil Scott-Heron remix album, We're New Here, the video for "I'll Take Care of You" has been directed by Jamie James Medina and tells the story of a female boxer training for a bout while looking after her son in a small New York apartment. Watch it here, on Dazed Digital.