Digital Digest: 13/12/2010

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Some album covers are illuminating works in their own right; they can reveal hidden depths to the music inside, and advance the state of the graphic designer's art. And then there are these abominations. Pitchfork has revealed their annual list of the worst album cover art to grace the music industry this year. View them here:


Inspired by the upcoming movie, Tron: Legacy, designers set out to capture the dynamism and essence of the movie at the famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Check out the pictures of the futuristic ice suite, The Legacy of the River,’which pushes the boundaries of lighting design and technology.


What do computer programmers look like? Are they all bespectacled beard-wearers who skulk around in the shadows of Geekland? Well, now you can see the face behind your favourite game. The aptly-named Geekosystem website has created a gallery of the programmers who have made some of the the last decades most renowned games.

Social Networking

How would the world look if our borders weren’t defined by history but by social relationships? Using the records of 12 billion phonecalls Carlo Ratti of MIT’s SENSEable City Lab has created a map of Britain based on clusters of social connections. Check out the new map and Ratti’s explanatory video here:


Written by an anonymous fashion lover, this blog is genuinely jam-packed with bargains. The most recent? A Marc Jacobs necklace for £3 – the perfect gift for friends, siblings or girlfriend. Particularly enjoyable is the advent calendar – every day until Christmas, a new bargain will be unveiled.


Hungry? You will be after reading this. A collection of food writers, authors and travel experts reveal the places that they have dined out this year, and pick which experience has been the most memorable. From the Isle of Skye to Tangier – there’s something for everyone.


Heard about Helen Mirren’s speech at the Women in Entertainment Event? The British actress slammed Hollywood’s army of casting agents for being too preoccupied with young male viewers. To watch her articulate tirade, head to