Digital Digest: 21/02/2011

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Clinton's emails catalogued. Both of them

Who'd have thought it? Bill Clinton is a luddite. The 42nd US president confessed at the Wired for Change conference that, during his time in office, he sent only two emails: one to American troops in the Adriatic and one to 77-year-old astronaut John Glenn, who was in space. "I figured it was OK if Congress subpoenaed those," he joked.


Bean consumption mapped

Iceland and Sweden are buzzing, but Belarus is feeling a little tired – or, at least, that's what this coffee consumption map implies. The World Resource Institute conducted research across the world to figure out just how much coffee we are all drinking. Their results, broken down per capita and by coffee weight, may surprise you.


An outbreak of pavement rage

Have you ever felt the anger rising inside your chest as the person in front of you on the pavement slows down to look in a shop window? Ever had to restrain yourself from striking someone lingering on a train platform? Then you might be afflicted with pedestrian aggressiveness syndrome, or "pavement rage", according to new scientific research.


A borrowed trailer

Something Borrowed stars Ginnifer Goodwin as maid of honour to Kate Hudson's bride in this rom-com. The twist? Goodwin has secretly been in love with the groom for 10 years. Will she tell him how she feels? Questionable morals aside, this looks fun.

Watch the trailer here:


Darth Vader does Bieber

James Earl Jones, the American actor known for his tremendous bass voice, has done a dramatic reading of Justin Bieber's Baby. Apparently Jones – the voice of Darth Vader – wasn't familiar with the teen singing sensation, but that didn't stop him bringing a bit of class to the tween anthem.


Google Street View oddities

9 Eyes is a regularly updated collection of photos found on Google Maps' Street View mode. From the baby crawling outside a Gucci store to the gang being arrested and the killer whale jumping out of its fairground pool, it captures life at its most diverse.


Rolling Stone's best shots

What with the Grammys in Los Angeles and the Brits in London, last week was a big week for music awards. To celebrate, Rolling Stone has put together a gallery of some of the best photos to be taken. Expect plenty of Arcade Fire, Adele and a bit of Bryan Ferry.