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Is Facebook fit for purpose?

Facebook wants to run your online life, encouraging you to chat, exchange messages and publish your photos using its services. However, Gizmodo writer Jesus Diaz thinks that it's becoming clear that the technology isn't up to the job, citing its unreliability and the increasing amount of spam and bugs appearing on the social networking site.


Marc Jacobs' new shorts

Marc Jacobs is the latest designer to make a "fashion film", this one a comic tale of a girl who gets caught in a storm. Very conveniently, the girl is wielding a Marc by Marc Jacobs umbrella, which helps her to bat off the storm in style. You can watch this funny fashion short at the Marc Jacobs YouTube channel.


Bursting the tech babble bubble

Are we living in another tech-boom bubble? Are companies like Twitter and LinkedIn grossly over-valued? Here College Humor takes an amusing pop at the new tech wizards and their gobbledygook-soaked speech. If you're familier with "SEO keyword-rich trend tracking" or "mobile-to-mobile tablet-based clients", then you'll get the joke.


Uniform misbehaviour

For at least one person, the shocking thing about the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair wasn't the IMF chief's alleged misbehaviour, but the clothes of the NYPD. French tie company Maison de la Cravate has launched a web app to try and "acquaint New-York policemen with more humane tie patterns".


Bridesmaids' best practice

With Bridesmaids coming to a cinema near you soon, Jezebel has decided it's a good time to address how to deal with being a bridesmaid. Exactly what is your role and what should you be doing? Don't become a bridezilla's victim – get tips on dress drama, money issues and more here.


The Vaccines get spooky

The much-hyped Vaccines' debut performed well to hit number four in the album charts, but the Londoners' singles have struggled to make a similar dent. This might change, thanks to the stylish video for their new one, "All In White". It features campfires, occult happenings and a haunted house.


The Obamas' Royal visit

What should the Obamas expect from their forthcoming stay at Buckingham Palace? Fine dining, etiquette and dog hair, says Time magazine's Catherine Mayer (also the author of the recent book Amortality) in this fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at a state visit.