Digital Digest: 25/04/2011

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Mugshot of the day

Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County, Arizona, has struck on a novel way to deter crime in his area. Every morning the sheriff uploads a "mugshot of the day" from the previous day's arrests and the public are asked to vote for the oddest photo. An infringement of human rights? Or a clever crime prevention technique?


Britain's oldest telly goes on sale

If you're in the money and fancy splashing out on a new television, Bonhams auction house has got just the thing. The 13-inch Marconi type-702 is on sale at a whopping £17,000. It's a pretty special bit of kit. It may not be 3D or HD-ready, nor does it have any super-special sound system. But it is Britain's oldest working TV from way back in 1946.


Super Mario propaganda

The long war waged on the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom by the dastardly King Bowser never seems to end. Shortlist magazine has taken up the fight, showcasing graphic designer Fro Reza's attempts to help them with these wonderful futurist-inspired propaganda posters that ask citizens: "The Koopas are fighting, why aren't you?"


The modern assassination map

The first and second decades of the 21st century have been turbulent times when it comes to political murders, as this infographic from Good and Column 5 media illustrates. It shows that politicians are most in danger in Iraq and Russia but also includes the UK murder of Alexander Litvinenko.


The Beasties' star-packed video

Beastie Boys' new 20-minute short film Fight for Your Right Revisited might promote their upcoming album, Hot Sauce Committee Vol. 2, but it's the cameos that everyone's talking about. New York Magazine has helpfully linked to a handy guide of every star, from Seth Rogen to Susan Sarandon.


The world in a day

Last year, on 24 July, directors Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald asked YouTubers from all over the world to record their day – mundane or exotic – and upload it. They turned the footage into Life in a Day, a globe-trotting, feature-length time capsule of one day on Earth. Here's the trailer:


Leadership qualities

Do you have what it takes to become a CEO? Adam Bryant interviewed top executives to find the five qualities most common to them and what they look for in new leaders and identified the "x factors" for leading an organisation. Lifehacker picked up the New York Times's extract from Bryant's new book