Digital Digest: 31/01/2011

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Zoe Cassavetes, daughter of legendary filmmaker John Cassavetes and best friend of esteemed director Sofia Coppola, is a dab hand behind the camera herself. She has made a lovely short film for the fashion label Miu Miu. Called The Powder Room, it is an unashamedly girly piece of cinema.

Watch it here:

Extreme Sports

In 1998 Ken Bradshaw caught the largest wave ever surfed off Waimea Bay in Hawaii. But today his passion for pure water has but him at odds with the increasingly crowded and commercial world of big-wave surfing. The problem, he tells Vanity Fair, is that there are too many surfers in the world and too few good waves to ride.


Patrick Wolf is the eclectic indie music star whose career has never taken off as much as it should have. Despite getting ready to release his fifth album, Lupercalia, he is still a relatively unknown figure. But with his new, accessible pop sound, seen here on his new single, “The City”, can he finally crack the mainstream? Decide for yourself:

Social Networking

Anyone who uses Twitter has at some point felt a wave of frustration when they couldn’t fit all the information they wanted into the measly140-character allowance. Photographer David Friedman has solved the problem by creating a freely available Twitter dictionary to help you find short synonyms at the click of a button.


Figueroa Street in Los Angeles runs for 30 miles through the centre of the city and is thought to be the longest street in the US; it is also one of the busiest and most polluted. However, that’s all about to change, as Gehl Architects has just had its designs for a new, mostly car-free Figueroa Street approved. Check it out here.


Natalie Portman looks likely to collect the Best Actress Oscar next month thanks to her performance as the tortured ballerina Nina in Black Swan. But it isn’t, it seems, the star’s first experience of dancing. Watch as the 15-year-old Portman entertains a crowd with a rendition of “Don’t Tell Mama”.


Want to know how to make home-made ricotta or the perfect Bloody Mary? Head to Over The Hill and On A Roll for the recipes. The real highlight of this fabulous food blog, however, is author Danny’s photographs. He even offers tips on recreating the look in a dedicated section of the website.