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If you're a data fiend, a hardcore England fan or an aspirant kicker, you'll find the iPhone or Android app you need

The Rugby World Cup begins today. Whether you study every game with a pen and paper or watch England in the pub unless it gets boring, here are the best apps for every kind of Rugby fan.

For Everyone: Independent Rugby 2015 Live


The Independent has launched a special app for the Rugby World Cup, built to bring you the best of the paper and website's coverage. It's got full access to live scores, team line-ups, in-game stats and breaking news.

Free on iOS and Android

For the Obsessive Watcher: ITV Rugby World Cup


ITV will be covering the World Cup once again this year, and to supplement the technological advances the channel is bringing to the stadium, it’s released a comprehensive app. The ITV app offers all the features you'd expect, including live streaming of every match, news and video clips, but also comes with a fun twist.

Kick It! is offered as part of the app, a flick game that allows you to take every kick that the pros do in real-time from the same position. Prove once and for all that ‘my gran could have made that.’

Free on iOS/Android

For the Data Fiend: Official Rugby World Cup 2015


This beautifully designed and highly functional app can be personalised to your favourite team. Delivers news and stats in a clear and colourful format, includes the full schedule and in the moment photos and video highlights. Matches can be added to a schedule so you don’t miss a favourite, or you can check ticket availability for upcoming games.

Free on iOS/Android

For the England Fanatic: Rugby World Cup Live


This free app aims to be the one stop shop for fanatic Rugby fans. Other than the official ITV option it’s one of the only apps to offer Live Streaming of the games. Customisation options allow you to receive all the relevant updates to your favourite players and teams on one screen. Also coming with Rugby Memes functionality to taunt opponents, this is the alternative to the ITV app for the fanatical patriot.

Free on iOS/Android

For the singer: National Anthems RWC 2015


What could hype up the living room more than this. Leap out of your seats, lay a hand upon your chest and roar out the national anthem along with the players, all thanks to this free lyric based app. Insulting accents not included.

Free on Android

For the argumentative: World Rugby Laws of Rugby


This app has all the rules in one place. Always wondering what the referee is shouting and why his arms are waving about in the air? Now you can refer to your own personal rule book and confirm that the ref truly does know nothing.

Free on iOS

For those that want to play the game without going outside: Flick Nations Rugby


Flick-Kick the ball around the pitch or for field goals and conversions. Extremely simple and ridiculously addictive, this is the most satisfying rugby based game on the app market. Remember to look up at the TV occasionally.

£0.99 on Android, £0.79 on iOS