Gadgets have moved on a lot since the 1990s. We look back over two decades of progress

1996: Sony MZ-R30

The mini-disc enabled you to listen to and record music. The discs held 80 minutes of audio and eight hours playback.

2009: Ipod Classic

The Classic has a 120GB hard drive, capable of holding 30,000 songs, 150 hours of video and 25,000 photos. It weighs 140g and costs £175.

1996: Canon PowerShot 600

The 600 had three megapixels and wrote images to hard disk. It was $949 (£609). It weighed 460g.

2009: Canon G10

Professional compact has 14.7-megapixels, a DIGIC 4 image processor, 5 x zoom lens and costs £499.

1996: Gameboy Pocket

Smaller, lighter version of the Gameboy and offered gamers the ability to connect with other players. True black and white screen.

2009: Ds Lite

A dual, touch-screen console with Wi-Fi. Turn it into a mini-library with 100 classic novels. Wi-Fi connectivity means gamers can compete wirelessly. Around £97.79