Find your first tweet on Twitter (without all the boring scrolling)

Twitter releases new tool to celebrate eighth birthday

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Twitter is turning eight tomorrow and because tech-related birthdays are now events in their own right (see: Facebook turning ten and 25 years of the Web), the micro-blogging platform is celebrating with a new find-your-first-tweet function.

Simply head over to and punch in your @handle in order to find what your own stuttering first words were.

Famous First Tweets - Hopkins To Obama

The first tweet ever on the service came from Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey, who announced on 21 March 2006 that he was “just setting up my twttr” (the disemvowelled version being the codename for Twitter).

Twitter has also released a partial list of some of famous first tweets but it must be said that they’re not all crackers.  Russell Brand’s shows that he hasn’t changed that muh:

While financial demigod Warren Buffet stormed in with this unexpected zinger: