The gaming world’s most dedicated denizens are celebrated with the release of the gamer’s edition of the ‘Guinness World Records 2010’ (£14.99).

From the largest collection of Pokémon memorabilia (a whopping 12,113 different items) to the highest scorers of the last 12 months, the biggest-selling titles to the hardcore fans whoplayed for the longest time without rest (a brain-numbing 24 hours), the records are as weird and wonderful as ever. Anyone inspired to take a shot at gaining a place in next year’s tome should bear in mind the following rules: first, pick a record, then check that it will be considered a valid attempt. Register your attempt at to receive the rules, then do your best, making sure that you rope in two witnesses, and record your attempt to supply proof to the GWR board. If your bid is successful, you could be a gaming star in 2011.