It started as a project at Baghdad University. Led by Rabah Shihab, a team was put together to create a game for the Amiga that was inspired by other titles’ representations of Iraq.

“My real dedication for this theme came during the early Nineties after I saw a computer game in which you control a warplane with the goal of bombing Iraq. Putting the bombing aside (I was in Baghdad during the first Gulf War and I saw the human suffering that resulted from the real bombing), I didn’t like the way they depicted Iraq in the game, as a primitive and uncivilised place,” Shihab explains in an online interview. His game, ‘Babylonian Twins’, only saw the light of day as a demo release. Fast-forward 16 years, and the original team has pulled together to release two titles – ‘Babylonian Twins – The Quest for Peace in Ancient Iraq’ and ‘Babylonian Twins HD’ on the App Store. These puzzlers aren’t just affordable platforming fun – they have a great back story.