Gaming news roundup: The one to Beaterator

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Fancy yourself as the next Dizzee Rascal or Calvin Harris? Then the tools you need are on theway in the shape of Rockstar Studio’s musicmixing software Beaterator. What started life as a flash app on Rockstar’s website quickly became one of its most popular assets, making a retail version inevitable. What’s more, the music industry veteran Timbaland – involved with the project from its inception – has provided a whole cacophony of beats, loops and samples to mix into your songs. Rockstar plans to provide space on their online ‘Social Club’ for users to upload their masterpieces for theworld to hear. Beaterator for PSP hits shelves on 2 October for £29.99 with an iPhone and iTouch release to follow soon.

Cops bowled over by Wii Sports

According to reports from Florida, the Wii is quite a distraction to the state’s law enforcers. Whendrug investigators raided a suspect’s home earlier this year, they discovered evidence of wrongdoing – and a Nintendo Wii. While the more conscientious rozzers were cataloguing their finds, other detectives tucked into a few games of bowling on Wii Sports – about an hour’s worth in all – only to be caught in the act by a wireless security camera. The jury’s out on whether the team’s moment ofweakness will have an impact on the suspect’s court case.

Dream or reality?

This week the web’s been awash with rumours that Dreamcast games are coming to the PS3.Why is anyone bothered that titles from an obsolete, 10- year-old console could be re-released? Because the Dreamcast is the Atlantis of the gaming world – lost but not forgotten. The hearsay is based on leaked documents but at this stage, all bets are off.