Gang Wars the focus of latest Max Payne 3 trailer

Form grudges and alliances across the mean streets of Sao Paulo.

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The Independent Tech

This time Rockstar have chosen to showcase Max Payne 3’s 16 player multiplayer, with a particular focus on the "Gang Wars" mode which takes events from the single-player game as narrative starting points for online bouts. The storyline of any given matches shifting dynamically based on the outcomes of each round.

The game's multiplayer is set to incorporate storytelling elements and the same range of special abilities or "Bursts" as players will experience during the solo campaign so expect to blasting away with the assistance of Bullet Time and leaping away from incoming fire with all the grace of The Matrix's Neo.

Players will apparently be able to form grudges and alliances against or with other players and join Crews to carve their own path of justice across the game's online servers.

The single player's is shaping up pretty nicely too, see our hands-on preview for a closer look.