£17.99 (eShop); Wii U, Wii; Nintendo

Following on from the much-loved Kirby's Epic Yarn, which in turn provided inspiration for the forthcoming Yoshi's Wooly World on Wii U, Nintendo felt it was time to return to the original Dreamland formula. Although this means that little of the game truly surprises, the execution is slick and enjoyable as ever as Kirby makes his way onto Nintendo's eShop.

Originally appearing on the Wii back in 2011, Kirby's Adventure represents an attempt at a 'classic' Kirby platformer, reigning in years of spin-offs and diversions for a tightly structured jaunt round the world of Popstar. The alien Magolor has crash-landed in the region, and requires a cheerful pink creature (yes, that's you) to help him locate the missing parts.

As ever, Kirby can inhale almost anything in his path and recycle it to his advantage, with various enemies or power-ups enabling him to wear hats endowed with various abilities - from cowboy hats bringing the whip into play, to the jester cap with magic attacks.


Super abilities also come into play when you capture a shimmering foe in your breath - the best of which is a magic sword that lays waste to half the screen at a time, making new areas reachable and generally causing havoc among your enemies.

Throughout each level, a number of hidden cogs are scattered, and the more you collect, the more extra features unlock, with plentiful bonus games a nice distraction if you get bored of working your way through the standard levels. However, that seems an unlikely scenario, as Kirby's Adventure Wii is an extremely enjoyable experience, providing pure side-scrolling platforming at its refined best.

If there was one criticism to be levelled at such a charming package, it's perhaps that the game is not particularly challenging. Co-op for up to four players can help players through any difficult spots, and while it's fun to see the screen fill up with accomplices like Meta Knight and King Dedede, it does make it very easy to progress through the story without feeling truly challenged.

This is rectified somewhat by Extra Mode and the Arena, both unlocked upon completion of the main game, which sees the difficulty ramped up for replays of the main game, and the chance to take on all the bosses sequentially for a suitably tough battle.

Kirby's Adventure may not be the most original use of the spherical pink superstar, but it is one of the most refined, with a consistent level of craft and inspiration that rarely fails to satisfy. A perfect stopgap for Kirby fans until Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush hits PAL regions later this year.