A screenshot from Jude Wilson's modern recreation of Goldeneye / Jude Wilson/YouTube

Goldeneye's trademark blocky graphics have been given a major update

A 3D artist has spent hours painstakingly recreating the much-loved 'Facility' level from the classic Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye, giving its trademark blocky graphics an impressively modern twist.

Jude Wilson, who is studying for a Master's degree in Games Design at Sheffield Hallam University, took inspiration from the classic 90s game for his latest project.

Tasked with reimagining a small scene from an older game using modern technology, Wilson naturally looked to 1997 title Goldeneye - a game that has been credited with bringing the hugely popular first person shooter genre to the mainstream, and one that has a very special place in the hearts of gamers of a certain age.

With a cast of characters faithful to the Bond film of the same name, which came out two years earlier, and a truly addictive multiplayer mode, the game stood out for its graphics, which were revolutionary at the time.

Unfortunately, as time has passed and beloved N64s have made their way into charity shops, the flat and pixelated graphics don't really match up to modern-day games.

However, using Unreal Engine 4, a cutting-edge game design engine, Wilson managed to create a high-definition version of the Soviet 'Facility' multiplayer level.

It's all there - the tiled walls, metal staircases and heavy duty doors. There's even a few bonus features, like lovingly-rendered Russian writing and blinking lights, which give the environment an eerie feel.

A homage to the original game was released for the Wii in 2010, giving the classic title updated graphics and more modern gameplay - but it's safe to say that Wilson's version looks even better.

His creation is only a small area of the original N64 map - however, spurred on by the nostalgia of thousands of retro gamers, we might see the full version in the future.