Including Snipperclips, Othello, Just Dance, and I Am Setsuna

Before the release of the Nintendo Switch, many reviewers - including myself - were weary of the console’s launch line-up. In the run-up to reaching shop shelves, the Switch was seeming more and more like a very expensive way to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the move.

While not exactly the best line-up in recent memory, there are actually some decent games among the few already released. We’ve sat down with every UK release currently available (no including Neo Geo rereleases) and ranked them, showing you what’s worthwhile, and what’s not.

Note: We have yet to receive Skylanders. Also, the likes of Human Resource Machine, World of Goo, and Little Inferno have been released in the US but only reach UK Switch’s on the 23 March.

11. New Frontier Days - Founding Pioneers - £8.99


Ever wanted to spend time, waiting around for little men under your control build houses, chop wood, and fish? Yes, you too can own this mobile game for £8.99! While a neat little top-down construction game, the asking price is obscene for something you could buy on an iPhone for 69p. If town building really is your thing, I’m sure this is a fine addition to your collection. Unfortunately, for me, I can’t think of anything worse.

10. Othello - £4.49


Again, you can just buy the mobile phone version for basically nothing. This version of Othello proves tricky when playing against the computer and can be played two player on the same console. It’s very, very basic, and - again - not really the reason you spent all that money on a Switch.

9. Super Bomberman R - £49.99


Ah, Bomberman. Such a simple concept: drop bombs, blow up enemies and save the day. The game offers great online multiplayer, simple single-player, and local co-op support: all positive things. However, spending almost £50 on a portable Bomberman game that offers little to progress the series is completely absurd. That’s the same price as any Triple-A title on another console - something this game certainly isn’t. If the price didn’t leave such a bitter aftertaste this would be higher here, but as it stands, there’s no possible way Super Bomberman R is a feasible experience for anyone but the wealthiest.

8. Just Dance 2017 - £49.99


If you dancing around to last year’s Top 40, Just Dance 2017 is fine. Being a miserable git, I’m probably not the intended buyer of Ubisoft’s latest instalment in their long-running series. Considering PSY, Justin Bieber, and Maroon 5 make up the game’s tracklisting - and dance routines include twerking - you have to be a pop obsessive to enjoy Just Dance. Still, there’s Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ which automatically puts this above Bomberman, even if the price is equally ridiculous for a game already available on other systems. 

7. I Am Setsuna - £29.99


The Switch’s first RPG comes from Square Enix, the makers of Final Fantasy. Like many of those games, I Am Setsuna has a turn-based combat system that’s perfectly adequate, if not slightly repetitive as you fight the same enemies over and over again. The game’s story is solid enough and the graphics stylistically pleasing. Compared to the PS4 version which came out a year ago, though, the frame-rate is significantly lower. Basically, we’re looking at the Vita version which has been out for a year. Which is fine, but hopefully publishers will start pushing the Switch soon.

6. Fast RMX - £16.99


Finally, we’re getting to the good stuff. Fast RMX sees players race 30 high-speed, neon coloured courses with 15 different vehicles. There’s a large campaign containing 10 cups, split-screen multiplayer, and online modes. Importantly, the game looks great both on the TV and when played portable. Although Fast RMX feels a little dated - especially considering Fast Racing Neo reached the Wii U in 2015 - it’s still a solid purchase.

5. 1-2-Switch - £39.99


Considering I moaned about the price of both Bomberman and Just Dance, having 1-2-Switch - which is essentially a collection of 28 mini-games - this far up the list seems a little odd. However, I’ve played this game multiple times now, including at parties, and it really is the best way to show off the Switch’s capabilities. I agree - 1-2-Switch should be a lot cheaper; that doesn't stop it being a ton of fun and one of the few games only available on Switch.

4. Voez - £18.99


While dancing to cheesy pop songs may not have proven hugely enthralling, tapping away - Guitar Hero style - to unknown Asian pop, drum & bass, and what I presume are game soundtracks, is remarkably addictive. With over 100 hundred songs that range in difficulty, there’s a lot of content here for the price (something of a miracle for the Switch). However, I highly recommend listening to the track-listing before purchasing because Voez is all about the music.

3. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (includes Specter of Torment) - £22.49


Whether PS4, 3DS or Xbox, Shovel Knight has consistently proven a must-have addition to any gaming library: the Switch is no exception. Treasure Trove is essentially every game in the series nicely put into one package, offering the ultimate, portable experience for Shovel Knight fans. Unfortunately, if you have played the games before, there’s not a whole lot of reason to revisit the series, but do pick up Specter of Torment, available separately.

2. Snipperclips - Cut It Out, Together! - £17.99


A game that’s main mechanic relies on two players cutting shapes into each may not sound great, but Snipperclips is a fantastic multiplayer experience that’s both simple and deceptively difficult. Being able to stand the Switch’s screen up anywhere and having two players using each controller is exactly what those pre-release adverts were selling; Snipperclips is one of the few Switch games to deliver on that promise and a must-have exclusive for everyone who already has our number one game. 

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - £59.99


Was there ever going to be another game in the top spot? Breath of the Wild may be one of the greatest game’s ever released; a truly mind-boggling adventure that’s been widely praised by multiple publications. For more in-depth thoughts, read our five-star review here. And if you own a Switch already, the question is, why aren’t you playing Zelda right now? Back to Hyrule, I go.