After what feels like months of waiting, Nintendo's newest console - the Nintendo Switch - is almost here. 

The console makers have very kindly sent The Independent a console before release, the above video showing our unboxing.

A few notes: the Switch is the first console to be charged by a standard cable, the USB-C, a new form of USB port that is gradually growing in popularity.

Second, the Joy-Con controllers do not charge through the included grip. Instead, users will have to buy a separate, chargeable grip. 

Thirdly, unlike the Wii, there are no games included. So far, we haven't had access to any Switch games, meaning all we've been able to do is make Miis as an update, not yet available, is required to go online. 

As we've just received Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Just Dance, those reviews can be expected imminently. Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, you can read our first hands-on review from earlier this year.