A screenshot from the new SimCity game, which has had a bumpy launch

All is far from rosy in this eco-warrier revamp

When a review isn't complete without reference to a game's technical glitches you know all is far from rosy. Such is the case with SimCity, the latest in one of gaming's most famous brands, which is only playable by way of a constant internet connection – no playing this on the train then.

Otherwise the game's a joy to behold, with Maxis’ 'Glassbox' engine depicting your virtual metropolis in a manner more resplendent than ever, while fluid tutorials and visual cues are on hand to have even fledgling mayors calling the shots.  There’s a social element here too, as nearby cities pool resources to construct airports and other major works.

Above all, it's the mesmeric toing and froing of your townspeople and growth of your city that proves so captivating.