The recent service problems come just a few days after the last outages

A number of users are reporting that a number of Google’s most popular services like Gmail and Google Drive have gone down.

Some users said they also had problems accessing YouTube, which is owned by Google.

However, according to Google's status page, none of the company's products were experiencing service disruptions or outages, so it's not clear whether the problems are widespread.

Other major services like Analytics, Hangouts and Maps appear not to have been affected.

The technical issues come just a few days after the last round of outages, when Gmail and Drive ran into problems on 26 January.

The outages could potentially cause chaos for the millions of users who rely on Google’s products for business.

It will also spell trouble for Google since all the affected services are covered by the company's Service Level Agreement, which gives discounts to companies who pay for Google services if they are inaccessible for certain periods of time.