Google reportedly leaked then made private a "CES promo video" of its next generation Android software, Android 3.0, aka "Honeycomb."

While manufacturers are busy showing off their new Android 3.0-powered tablets at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, the video provides the first real glimpse of the 3.0 operating system in use.

It also suggests (thanks to the "Built Entirely for Tablet" text early on in the video) that Google's Android 3.0 operating system will be reserved just for tablets.

The video shows a tablet running a vastly improved user interface designed specifically for touchscreen devices.

Technology blog Engadget says of the new operating system, "this looks more or less nothing like Android. Sure, the browser is the same, and the Gmail app will be familiar to iPad users, but trust us when we say there's a lot of lovely UI in the video above to admire."

The video first appeared on Google's Offical Android Developers YouTube channel but was shortly after made private. Android blog Android Police grabbed a backup of the video and have posted it on their own YouTube channel here,