HWU, World Cup and 2011 were among the most popular Facebook status updates in 2010, according to the social networking site's blog.

After analyzing status updates from 236 countries and then comparing the rate at which each phrase occurred in 2010 compared with 2009, Facebook selected the top ten status updates with the largest increase in percentage and volume.

The most popular phrase of 2010 was the (most likely) teenage expression "HMU," short for "hit me up" or simply "contact me." According to the Facebook blog this phrase wasn't widely used until the first half of 2010.

Music also shaped people's status updates - the ninth most popular phrase, "Airplanes," referred not to travel but to the popular song by B.o.B, and the teenage pop phenomenon that is Justin Bieber was the sixth most popular status update.

Sporting events, cinema and gadgets also influenced status trends, as did world events such as the rescue of the Chilean miners and the events in Haiti.

The top ten phrases in Facebook status updates of 2010 were:

1.       HMU
2.       World Cup
3.       Movies
4.       iPad and iPhone 4
5.       Haiti
6.       Justin Bieber
7.       Games on Facebook
8.       Mineros / Miners
9.       Airplanes
10.     2011