Produced with fashion brand Opening Ceremony, the bracelets featured a discrete touchscreen display for notifications about emails, texts, and calls

The desire of tech companies to produce a smartwatch that’s deemed “fashionable” seems to be turning to desperation, with Intel unveiling a ‘wireless bracelet’ that combines “semi-precious gems and water snakeskin with advanced technology”.

This is the MICA aka ‘My Intelligent Communication Accessory’ and is a less a smartwatch trying to look swish, but a swish bracelet with some neat innards.

Like the new Samsung Galaxy Gear S it comes with its own 3G data connection so it can be used with or without a phone, and features a curved sapphire glass touchscreen to show alerts about emails, texts and incoming calls.

It comes in two styles – black snakeskin and pearls or white snakeskin and obsidian – and features wireless charging support and a scratch resistant screen.

Opening Ceremony and Intel Reveal MICA, 'My Intelligent Communication Accessory'.png


It’s not clear what software the MICA will be running though it’s possible it will be something developed in-house. Intel previously bought smartwatch maker Basis Science in March this year for around $100 to $150 million, and their devices previously focused on basic fitness trackers.

Plus, if Intel is really aiming at creating a device that puts the fashion first and the tech gubbins second, it would make sense to only offer a basic OS which flashed up notifications – rather than try and pretend that this device can do everything a phone can.

However, this isn’t like to be a device for everyone – the MICA is predicted to cost only a little less than $1000 and is being launched in collaboration with Opening Ceremony and Barney's New York.