A myriad of posts complaining about WiFi connection problems, charging problems and overheating appeared on Apple's support forums over the weekend as disgruntled iPad purchasers found the "magical device" didn't quite live up to their expectations.

The most popular complaints in the forum stemmed from consumers experiencing WiFi issues on their device. Some users reported that their internet connection would drop out after around 20 minutes while others said they couldn't connect to their home WiFi network at all, despite having connections on both their iPhone and laptop.

"For some reason the iPad stops connecting to the internet even though it reports a strong wireless connection," complained rlvoelk from Boston in the Apple support forum.

"I'm having the same problem and it's not the network it's the iPad," said another disgruntled iPad user in Palm Springs.

Apple updated one of their support pages, "iPad: Does not automatically rejoin known Wi-Fi networks" (located at http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3304) on April 5 in response to the complaints, suggesting that users create separate WiFi network names when using a dual-band capable modem.

For every complaint in Apple's support forum, however, there were hundreds more posts across the web praising the new device. Technology blog forums and reviews for iPad apps in the iTunes App Store were full of positive comments about the device.

"Aside from bumping it this morning putting in the car, and therefore causing a dent on the side, my experience has been pretty decent," wrote iPad purchaser Kenly Neufeld on technology blog ReadWriteWeb.

"Weeping with joy! It's the reason I bought the iPad," wrote peruke after purchasing the NetFlix Application for his iPad.

Meanwhile, a group of teenagers were the first to record themselves smashing a brand new iPad with a baseball bat. The video which was posted on Youtube on April 3 has already been seen by more than 750,000 people.

Responses to the video were polarized with some watchers saying, "I Love this video! in the old YouTube I'd have given it 5*" and others commenting, "Instead of completely wasting $500 on THIS, you could have used the money to actually help someone or for college or for whatever the fuck else. I'm all for smashing stuff, but this is excessive."

A second iPad destruction video has also appeared on the net. This time the iPad is pulverized to fragments after being placed in a blender.

iPad getting beaten with a baseball bat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGUppxoJUVg

iPad in a blender: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAl28d6tbko&feature=player_embedded