We live in a wonderful world where our loved ones are just a few keystrokes away and where international businesses can be run from behind a computer screen, but when it comes time to switch off our laptops and disconnect our phones for a long-earned holiday most of us feel like we simply can't live without our gadgets and a reliable internet connection.

A survey released by Expedia Inc. on August 2 found that only 15 percent of Australians could restrain themselves from using the internet when on holiday.

Sixty-three percent of Aussies went online during their trip to check their bank balance while another 45 percent used their connected devices to help them find great places to see and to recommend restaurants while on their trip.

More than one in ten Australians access the internet up to five times a day while they are on holiday, and one in 20 Generation Y Australians (people born between 1970 and 2000) are so addicted to their social networks they check on them once an hour during their break.

People living in the UK are not much better when it comes to disconnecting. An August 2 study conducted by YouGov and Softwareload.co.uk, found that one in ten men work while they are holidaying and whenever possible, 13 percent of Britons make sure they have their laptops with them during their trip.

Seventy-three percent of travelers believe that a mobile phone is an essential traveling companion said travel company lowcostholidays.com in a study the company released in June. Their survey also found that 59 percent of holiday makers could not live without the internet while they were away from their home.

Taking a break from a constantly-connected lifestyle can be difficult but the following tips may help you to turn off your computers, unplug your phones and actually take the time to enjoy your break from the office.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you make the most out of your holiday while spending less time connected to the web:

1. Before you leave on your trip clear out your inbox and star or flag any important emails that need to be addressed when you return.

2. Set up an Out of Office message so people don't expect a reply from you while you are away.
3. Leave your internet-gadgets a home - if you don't have them, you can't use them.

4. If you can't live without a phone, think about swapping your smartphone for a regular handset that can't connect to the internet.

5. If you are expecting an important email while you are away, ask a trusted friend or colleague to deal with it for you, or alternatively only check your mail once a day (checking it at the end of the day will minimize holiday disruptions).

6. Take an e-reader with you instead of a tablet.

7. Enjoy your holiday! The more fun you have on your holiday, the less likely you are to miss your online friends and internet addiction - plus think of all the great holiday pictures you will have to post on your social networks when you arrive home.