New 'Batman: Arkham City' trailer shows Strange web closing in

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The Batman: Arkham City trailer released as part of the weekend's Spike Video Game Awards show gives a glimpse into the game's conflict between Batman and the evil inventor Hugo Strange.

Both men use technological and psychological trickery to outwit their foes, but where Batman is a one-man army, Hugo Strange deploys security forces to test the caped crusader and refine a deadly assasination plot.

The PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game follows on from 2009's surprise hit Batman: Arkham Asylum, in which the Dark Knight used stealth, strength, ingenuity and x-ray vision to defeat the Joker and his cronies.

Arkham City's penitential slum is said to be four times larger than the Asylum island was, and some of the Asylum's conspicuously absent villains will form part of the sequel's cast, Mr Freeze and Ra's al Ghul among them.

One of several big budget titles to receive further publicity at the Video Game Awards, Batman: Arkham City is targeting a release during the increasingly busy fall 2011 period.

Resistance 3 and RAGE are due in September, while VGA reveals Uncharted 3 and The Elder Scrolls V have November in their sights. Fellow VGA 2010 title Forza Motorsport 4 shares Arkham City's less precise fall 2011 designation, while Mass Effect 3 is primed for a late November to early December debut.

See the Batman: Arkham City trailer: