Facebook users have joined in protest against yet another set of changes to its homepage.

The changes, which went live over the weekend, have again sparked criticism from its legions of users.

A group called 'Change Facebook Back to Normal' has already attracted more than 1.1 million members.

"What it comes down to is marketing doorknobs who try and justify their jobs by coming up with ways to "improve" facebook.. Put it back. This blows," wrote group member Chris McLaughlin.

"Ever hear of the phrase, if it ain't broke, don't fix it?? Put it back!!" wrote Eliza Williams.

Many members are advising others on how to get rid of the changes: "To restore your Facebook to the old look....look to the top left menu and click on 'More' (blue) Then drag 'Status updates' to the top. After dragging it to the top, click on it. This becomes your default and it will become like before."

Among the homepage 'tweaks' is a list of items users may have missed since last logging in. It bases these on updates that are popular with your friends.

It has also moved the 'highlights' feature into the News Feed in the centre of the page.

"When we redesigned the Facebook home page last March, we heard from millions of users whose feedback was gathered and considered in developing News Feed and Live Feed,' a Facebook statement to AFP read.

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Source: NZ Herald