Hate yourself for allowing a brand to make you weep

Apple has left no heartstring un-pulled in its latest commercial, which sees a daughter and her grandmother collaborate on a song on GarageBand. A song that reminds her of her dead husband.

The fight for most heartwarming just intensified, following John Lewis' lonely penguin finding love and Sainsbury's Christmas truce in the trenches.

The advert sees a girl discovering an old vocal her grandma once recorded, which she augments with vocal harmonies and guitar before sending it to her gran's iPad.

The crackly but sweet song brings a tear to her eye, and has her leafing through old photos of her soldier husband.

As with the John Lewis ad, there aren't too many products on display (e.g GarageBand that was presumably used to re-record the song) because the point isn't to show off new items it's to make you cry until there's no water left in your body and you pass out.

Your move, Samsung. I'm sure there's a curmudgeonly old man out there who needs to make friends with 2,000 puppies.