Back to the drawing board: Draw Something 2 hopes to win back users


When Omgpop, the company behind digital Pictionary game Draw Something, sold out to Zynga last year, it promptly gained and then shed millions of users as people briefly spent their bus journeys trying to draw The Importance of Being Earnest with their index finger. It once had 13m daily users, but now the figure is just 1m.

Like Pogs, Trolls, Scoobies and other playground trends, interest has waned for many and – in a bid to win back users, Zynga has launched (in Sweden, for now) Draw Something 2 offers new words, a free “sketching”  option and other not-quite-gamechanging new features. Hmm.

We all enjoyed it for a few weeks, but the cheap, ephemeral nature of many apps means it’s easy to become quickly bored and upgrade to, say, Ragdoll Blaster 2. We’re happy to save the game a slot in 2025’s I Love 2012.