Dr Dre's Compton streams on Apple Music: how to listen if you’re not signed up to service

Apple Music is the only legitimate place to listen — but it’s luckily still in its free trial period, and is available for pretty much everything but Android

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Dr Dre’s first album in more than 15 years has been released. But only on Apple Music.

Compton: The Soundtrack is streaming exclusively on the new streaming service, which is built on Dre’s Beats streaming service. But Apple Music is still in its free trial period — which means you can sign up, have a listen, and leave again if you want to.

Signing up is relatively simple: open up iTunes on a Windows or Mac, or the Music app on an iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions. (Apple Music doesn’t yet have an Android app, but that’s coming in the autumn.)

If you don’t want to stick with it after you’ve listened, you’ll need to turn off the auto-renewing subscription, so that Apple won’t automatically bill you when the free trial period comes to an end. Doing so is relatively easy, but the place to do it can be hard to find — here are full instructions on turning off the auto-renewals.

Apple is promoting the album fairly hard on the various versions of Apple Music, meaning that when you’re signed in it’s likely to be the first thing you see. But if it isn’t, you can find it or anything else through the search bar in the top right hand corner.