EA down: Fifa, Battlefield and Madden all go offline as game developer's servers not working

Claims to have taken down the service in a hack appear to be false

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Fifa, Madden and Battlefield have all stopped working online.

Players are unable to get onto the EA servers at all because of a problem with the company's servers.

The websites Down Detector and Outage Report both show the services having problems from around 9am UK time.

The former shows the problems concentrated in the UK and Europe, Malaysia and Australia. But that may be a result of the time in other countries, since issues were reported elsewhere too.

There doesn't appear to be any way to get around the issues, beyond waiting for EA to fix the broken servers.

Some Twitter accounts claim to have taken down the Origin servers, but none can be verified. Many fake accounts often post soon after an outage to claim responsibility for it, and all of the posts appear to be after the reports of problems came about.