Gemalto files Android patent lawsuit in US

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Chipmaker Gemalto said today it filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Google and handset makers Motorola, HTC, and Samsung over the Android operating system.

Amsterdam-based Gemalto's move follows previous patent suits filed by US technology groups Oracle and Apple against Google's Android as it gains in popularity.

Spokespeople from Google, Motorola, HTC and Samsung were unavailable for immediate comment.

Gemalto said in a statement it filed the lawsuit in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas for alleged infringement of its patented technologies in the open-source Android system and Dalvik operating environment.

The patented technologies were developed in the 1990's at Gemalto's research and development facilities in Texas, the statement said.

There are a number of legal disputes in the smartphone market as software companies and handset makers wrangle over who deserves compensation for technology behind new devices which go well beyond traditional mobile phones.

Apple sued HTC over its Android phones in March followed by Oracle's complaint against Google in August. Microsoft struck an amicable licensing deal with HTC in April.