Google's Go computer beats human competitor to go 2-0 up and one game away from huge AI breakthrough

The computer is just a game away from a million dollars and a proof of one of the most exciting artificial intelligence technologies ever made

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Google’s Go-playing computer has scored a second victory against its human component, putting it just one win away from victory.

The AlphaGo computer — powered by Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence — is well on its way to a landmark victory that could mark one of the greatest moments in the history of AI.

If the computer is able to win the five-game match, it could be seen as huge step forward in making computers that think like humans. The game that the two are playing, Go, is thought to be one of the ultimate tests of human intuition — and a win could be a major demonstration that machines are learning some of the abilities that were previously thought to belong only to humans.

AlphaGo's first win against Mr Lee in Seoul on Tuesday shook the Go-playing world, marking a milestone in the development of artificial intelligence.

After his first loss, Mr Lee said he was in shock as he did not expect to lose. Google's team compared AlphaGo's win to landing on the moon.

His opponent, Lee Sedol, had originally said that he expected to win five of the games, and then revised that down to four.

Three remaining games run until Tuesday.

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