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Groups including Lizard Squad and others have called off attacks after Internet celebrity Kim Dotcom became embroiled in the row

Hacking groups have called a ceasefire after attacks on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network were said to have gone too far and damaged the image of hackers.

Calling the outage of the online gaming platforms that began on Christmas Eve an “attack on Christmas”, internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom called for hacks of that kind not to happen again, in a video debate between Lizard Squad and other hacking groups.

Kim Dotcom made a deal with Lizard Squad — giving them vouchers for lifetime accounts on his Mega file storage service, which he said were worth about $300,000 — and it was that which the group said had encouraged them to stop the attack.

The group confirmed that they had stopped the attacks after making the deal. While service has not yet fully resumed on PlayStation Network, that is a consequence of so many people attempting to get back online and the networks trying to stop any similar attacks from happening in future, the group said.

Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which lasted over Christmas day and into the weekend.

On the Drama Alert show on YouTube, Lizard Squad debated with Kim Dotcom, people representing Anonymous, and Finest Squad, a group that have come to blows with Lizard Squad. Finest Squad has claimed that it limited the impact of Lizard Squad’s attacks, and has asked for donations to continue doing so, but hackers from both Anonymous and Lizard Squad said that Finest Squad’s attacks had no effect.

Lizard Squad also said that they were not behind the weekend’s attacks on anonymous browsing network Tor, which some had pinned on the group.

And the group disavowed their connection with the many Twitter accounts, including one called Crucifix, who had increased their profile on Twitter by claiming to be members of Lizard Squad and saying that they would cease the attacks if they gained followers.