The PC, which the company hopes is the computer of the future, will go on sale next week

HP has launched a new PC, called Sprout, that it hopes will bring the desktop computer back to life.

Many commentators have hailed the death of the desktop PC, at the hands of tablets and mobile phones, but HP hopes that Sprout can save it with its combination tablets, PCs and projectors that it calls “blended reality”.

The base of Sprout is a normal, desktop PC. But it also has a projector mounted on top that shines onto the touchpad below — allowing it to work as another touchscreen, more like an iPad. It also has a built-in scanner that allows for things placed onto the touchpad to be fed into the computer.

Using the two together allows users to create “blended reality” the company said. By scanning 3D items, users can manipulate digital versions of them on screen.

It hopes that technology can eventually be used to make digital objects that can be 3D printed.

While none of the individual technologies in the computer are new, HP hopes that by combining the two it can bring back the desktop PC.

The Sprout costs £1,899 and is available to pre-order from today.